About me

  • A freelance trainer of Housing and Welfare Benefits for over 30 years.
  • Working in the housing /voluntary sector for over 40 years.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the housing sector and how Housing Benefit/Universal Credit and related welfare benefits affect access to different types of housing provision in the social and private sector.
  • Based in Bristol and working throughout England and Wales.
  • Extensive experience of running workshops and training sessions for a wide range of statutory and voluntary organisations.
  • Has provided training for major housing organisations throughout England and Wales including the National Housing Federation, Community Housing Cymru, Institute of Housing, as well as being a sessional lecturer for many years at the London School of Economics on the MSC in Housing.
  • I run regular public online training courses on housing and related benefits.
  • I also provide a specialist consultancy service on issues relating to complex areas of Housing Benefit/Universal Credit and related welfare benefits.
  • I provide representation on Appeal Tribunals.

What I Do

  • Public courses on the latest developments in Welfare Reform, Universal Credit, Housing Benefit and related welfare benefits.  In particular the effect on those living in supported, sheltered and general needs housing and their ability to sustain their tenancies. These currently run online on Teams, Google Meet or Zoom.
  • Introductory/intermediate/advanced courses on Universal Credit, Housing Benefit and related welfare benefits.
  • In-house training on a range of benefit topics for different types of general needs and supported/sheltered housing and those working with people who have disabilities.  These are currently available online.
  • Consultancy on difficult areas of Housing Benefit/Universal Credit.
  • Representation for HB/UC appeals.
  • Public speaking engagements/workshops at housing conferences.